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10-20 Characters -Murder at the Masquerade -PDF


Venture into a New Orleans Masquerade with this highly interactive at-home Murder Mystery Party designed for 10-20 Players!

One Killer. Three Murder Victims. Do you and your guests have what it takes to piece it all together?

Venture into New Orleans with this highly interactive, at-home Masquerade Murder Mystery Party where even the host gets to play and not know who the murderer is!



Game Type: Masquerade Murder Mystery Party
Format: Immediate PDF Download
Theme: Murder at the Masquerade
Players: 10-20
Genders: Mixed (8 Male, 8 Female, 4 Gender Neutral – Master Character List available below)
Zoom Edition: No
Party Length: Between 1.5-2 Hours but can be flexible
Rating: PG-13 **Please note that this story contains some adult themes including references to Dark Voodoo Magic, Partying, Drinking, Arrests, and (of course) Murder**


Each purchase will include:

1. Instruction Packet:
– Tips & Tricks for Party Hosts
– Thorough Instructions
– Example Timeline
– Introduction & Conclusion / Reveal
– Master Character List

2. Character Cards:
– Personality Bio
– Things to Share
– Secrets to Hide
– Important Relationships
– Prop Suggestions
– “Make a Scene”

3. Printable Evidence

4. Action Cards

5. Extras Package:
– Award Certificates for Most in Character, Best Acted out Death, and Closest Guess
– Wine Labels
– Party Posters
– Voting Cards


A Sampling from the Introduction:

“Welcome to all of our lovely guests as we venture into our story.

Our setting is New Orleans, a city that is heavy in culture and rich in history. There are deep roots in this place, which leads creative minds to share tales of spirits, hauntings, and even dark Voodoo Magic. Whether these tales are true or not has always been highly debated.

Tonight, we celebrate with a Masquerade. Throughout history, Masquerades have had a way of allowing us to unleash a side of ourselves that we usually try to keep hidden. Slipping on a mask ironically allows us to show more of our true selves, as there are fewer consequences for actions that are committed while underneath a disguise. Secrets are told, wishes are revealed and we give in to our innermost desires. A simple mask can allow us to get away with almost anything, maybe even murder.

With that being said, at the end of the night, three of you will be dead ”


Master Character List


Lavina Marie: The Voodoo Priestess • Female
Ernesto Hansen: The Jazz Musician • Male
Chanel Oliver: The Rich Girl • Female
Angelo Cruz: The Football Player • Male
Candi Fox: The Burlesque Dancer • Female
Natasha Evans: The Police Chief • Female
Charles Norris: The Governor • Male
Theodore Holloway: The Prince • Male
Dr. Avery Reid: The Surgeon • Gender Neutral
Reese Parker: The Groundskeeper • Gender Neutral


Florence Reynolds: The Opera Singer • Female
Winter Cordova: The Socialite • Female
Homer Dean: The Mortician • Male
Elbert Moss: The Gator Hunter • Male
Veronica Hart: The Personal Stylist • Female
Marco Cross: The Aspiring Comedian • Male
Tiana Crenshaw: The Fortune Teller • Female
Quentin Clemmons: The Butler • Male
Quinn Valerio: The Playwright • Gender Neutral
Blake Haley: The Pastry Chef • Gender Neutral


Other Variations:

21-30 Expansion | Box Kit


YouTube Video “What’s in a Box Kit Blog Post “How to Host a Murder Mystery Party to Die For | Plan Page


Disclaimer: Here at Murders Incorporated, we fully support social-distancing and do not promote large gatherings. If you are purchasing a party, please practice caution and party at your own risk. We also offer Zoom Parties for some virtual fun. Thank you and please stay safe everyone!!


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