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11-25 Characters – The Deadly Inheritance – PDF


Beloved and eccentric billionaire Wilbur Willoughby has unfortunately passed away due to an incurable illness. Disappointed in his greedy family, Wilbur decides to make them compete over his inheritance by solving a series of complicated riddles. Before the night is through, however, two members of the family will be murdered.

One Killer. Two Murder Victims. One Inheritance to Win. Do you and your guests have what it takes to piece it all together?

Part At-Home Escape Room, Part Murder Mystery Party, this is a highly interactive, at-home murder mystery party where even the host gets to play and not know who the murderer is!



Game Type: Murder Mystery Party and At-Home Escape Room
Format: Immediate PDF Download
Theme: The Deadly Inheritance
Players: 11-25
Genders: Mixed (12 Male, 13 Female – Master Character List available below)
Zoom Edition: No
Party Length: Between 1.5-2 Hours but can be flexible
Rating: PG *Please note this party has some references to partying and, of course, murder*


Each purchase will include:

1. Instruction Packet:
– Tips & Tricks for Party Hosts
– Thorough Instructions
– Example Timeline
– Introduction & Conclusion / Reveal
– Master Character List
– Evidence for Two Murders
– Three “Inheritance Clues” to solve for Wilbur’s Inheritance

2. Character Cards:
– Personality Bio
– Things to Share
– Secrets to Hide
– Prop Suggestions

3. Voting Cards


“A letter from the late Wilbur Willoughby:

To my dear, dear, family and friends,

If you are reading this then my time has come to leave this planet. As you all know, I am dying of an incurable illness and the doctors say that I only have a few months left. I pray that I’ll make a miraculous recovery, but, if this letter is being read, it is obviously too late for me.

I have spent my life trying to live the best I could. I have tried to be a moral and upstanding citizen. I have tried to pass on all of the wisdom that I have acquired in my old age to you, my dear loved ones.

But it seems as though I have failed. Among you, there are the entitled, the proud, and the desperate. I had prayed that my fortune would give you the shoulders you needed to stand on and go further than I ever went myself, but instead, it gave you a lack of work ethic and a misguided moral compass.

So, for that reason, I have decided to make my last few months on this earth as interesting as possible and come up with a game that should hopefully teach you all a lesson. I could easily split my inheritance among all of you, but instead, I would like you to earn it. The winner of tonight’s game will be the person who can solve the riddles that I have left behind for you. That singular person will receive my prized art collection, worth millions in itself.

I trust that my loving granddaughter, Mollie, will read this letter to all of you and describe the rules. I have trusted her to judge this game fairly, so respect what she says.

I genuinely hope that you all learn from tonight and that you stop taking the fortune that I have earned for this family for granted. With that being said, however, I am dead now, and it no longer matters what I hope of you.

Best of luck to all of you,

Wilbur Willoughby”


Master Character List


Mollie Willoughby: The Loving Granddaughter • Host Role • Female
Leone Cory: The Up and Coming Artist • Potential Host Role • Could be Secondary if not being used for Host Role • Male
Timothy Stern: The Rugged Detective • Male
Isabella Bennett: The Innocent Sweetheart • Female
Preston Willoughby: The Golden Boy • Male
Daniel Norton: The Maitre D • Male
Rowena Lacy: The Hotel Owner • Female
Nathanial Walsh: The Family Outcast • Male
Thaddeus Chamberlain: The Real Estate Mogul • Male
Vivian Chamberlain: The Real Estate Mogul • Female
Tobias Sweet: The Scientist • Male
Charlene Everly: The Black Widow • Female


Brant Beaumont: The Pilot • Male
Dotty Willoughby: The Quirky Aunt • Female
Carlisle Mills: The Butler • Male
Jessa Rome: The Maid • Female
Starr: The Diva • Female
Clara Whitmore: The Librarian • Female
Pierre Rivers: The Academic • Male
Kenzie Collins: The Spoiled Brat • Female
Audra Hudson: The British Journalist • Female
Frederick Riley: The Football Player • Male
Luvina Radcliffe: The Emotional Artist • Female
Lysette LeClerc: The Eccentric Art Critic • Female
Leonard LeClerc: The Eccentric Art Critic • Male


Other Variations:

All-Female PDF  | Box Kit


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Disclaimer: Here at Murders Incorporated, we fully support social-distancing and do not promote large gatherings. If you are purchasing a party, please practice caution and party at your own risk. We also offer Zoom Parties for some virtual fun. Thank you and please stay safe everyone!!


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