Murders Incorporated


“This is the best murder mystery kit that you can order on the web. The other kits can be confusing and you are completely on your own. The owner is super sweet and has answered all my questions (even before I ordered it!). Awesome shop and happy to support this person!”

“Absolutely loved hosting a murder mystery birthday party with the help of MurdersbyChelsea!!
Everything in the package was easy to follow, organized and so creative! My group of 7 people had the BEST time! Thanks so much, Chelsea!!!!!”


“I recently purchased this murder mystery dinner and played it out with mine and my boyfriends families and we all LOVED it! It was an absolute blast and beautifully put together. Everything was perfect, the written storyline/plot, the character write-ups, and all the decor/invitations. It was amazing. Everyone loved it and had such a good time and it was so easy to follow. I strongly recommend this to anyone looking to throw a first-time MMD!”

“Wow we had such a great time with this murder mystery game! I hosted as a team event at work and it was a huge hit. We have all been cooped up to different degrees so everyone was excited to have a reason to dress up. It was some of the best laughs I’ve had this year. I highly recommend you follow the plan Chelsea lays out in the instructions to get people excited. Fabulous product and what a fun event. Highly recommend!”
“This kit is so well prepared! It is very professional and organized so it it very easy to use and set up. You won’t be disappointed with your purchase!”
“Chelsea did such a good job with this murder mystery pack! Everything was meticulously thought out and we had a BLAST trying to solve it! Everyone in my party was super invested, which made all the difference! I hosted the party, had an amazing time and learned a lot. We did a themed dinner as well, situated in between the first and second murders. I cannot day enough good things about Chelsea and the work she does. I will be buying all of her murder mystery party packs!”
“This was the perfect way to have a celebration and lighten everyone’s moods and hearts! Chelsea did a great job organizing everything for this to flow so very well on zoom! It made my job as party host so much easier. My group loved the mystery and acting out the fun characters Chelsea created for us!”

“I bought this for my sister’s virtual bridal shower. Everyone got dressed up and into character. We all had a blast!

Chelsea’s intricate story, memorable characters, and juicy scandals made it all possible. Thank you!”


“This game was incredible and I highly recommend for anyone looking for entertainment – especially in our current circumstances. I got this as a surprise birthday gift for my brother and invited 10 friends along for the ride – they all LOVED it! The characters were so much fun, and detailed enough to give you a baseline and then build your own story. We yelled, accused and laughed for hours!

I’ll also add that the owner was incredibly responsive and helpful to my questions, since I was nervous about running the show. Honestly I didn’t even need to ask – instructions are perfectly clear! Thank you!”

Phenomenal job!!!!! Everything was so well done and top notch! Will be ordering from her again!!!!!!!!!
I cannot say enough good things about working with Chelsea for this! My 88 year old grandmother decided she wanted to have a murder mystery party for her birthday this year and it was an absolute blast! The whole family had so much fun, they are already asking if we can do another for Christmas! Buying the party in a box kit made it absolutely he easiest party I have ever hosted and was worth every penny in both style and convenience! This was a great “intro” for people who have never even attended a party like this before and it guarantees a great time!
Wow what a party! I was so impressed with how the characters’ personalities were easy to mimic yet they were still complex enough to have regular conversations throughout the night. I was shocked by just how imaginative our guests were when dressing and acting like their characters! They really got into it! The storyline was equally creative and literally no one out of our 15 guests were able to guess the ending even though the answer was right in front of us the entire time!

What a night! This is such a unique dinner game night! Everything I needed to host an unforgettable murder mystery dinner party was included (besides the food). I gave my guests their character cards ahead of time and everyone dressed for their part. The whole night went down seamlessly. I will definitely purchase another theme in the future!


I shopped around a lot looking for a murder mystery game kit and I’m so glad I decided on this 1920s speakeasy version from MurdersIncorporated! We had 14 guests, everyone went all out and had fun with it. We didn’t play with the action cards but loved the decorations, evidence, awards, and storyline. We had several people guess the murderer correctly! I would highly recommend this murder mystery party kit and look forward to trying some other versions by MurdersIncorporated.


I highly recommend Murders Inc.

We all had so much fun!

Chelsea was very helpful and we got our party together in just a couple of hours!

It was an especially silly evening when we wound up with 4 male parts, and 5 female…. and our group was 4 females, and 5 males! Thankfully we had a good sport, “a budding actress?”, in our crew!



Not only is Chelsea very responsive, her creativity level for murder mysteries is superb. I was the host & decided not to read the conclusion (Know the murderer) & I still couldn’t guess the murderer.

The only thing I would change is the action cards, (Make them more dramatic for adult’s) as some were blank. Other than that my party guest had a wonderful time..

Thank you Chelsea!


10/10 would recommend!!! My family and I played this together and it was a blast. The plot and character are so well thought out and the PDFs are beautifully and professionally done!!! Thank you so much


This was the most fun event of 2020/2021. We had 14 guests total, some were couples and shared screens but honestly can’t wait to buy another version and play again! Especially since a lot of our friends and family live in different states, this is a fun way to keep in touch regardless of covid! Thanks so much it was a blast!


My mother in law loved getting this for Christmas! All the contents were so neatly packaged and from what I could see via Zoom, the character cards look really cute. The whole family is looking forward to getting dressed up and in character for a fun night when summer rolls around.


This was a blast!! This was so well put together and we had a great time celebrating my birthday over zoom. I can’t wait to get another murder mystery set for an in-person gathering in the future post-covid. All of the instructions are very clear and the character cards were so unique and fun. My friends loved it too! Thanks!


This was a lot of fun to play on Christmas with family via zoom. Everyone had a great time and got into their characters.

It was easy for everyone to follow, and only one person in the group guessed whodunnit correctly.

Highly recommended!



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